"After my first session, I felt better than I ever have." (BT, Utah- cPTSD, chronic/resistant depression)

Finally, relief from the triggers and relational wounding experienced with trauma, depression, anxiety, and everyday stress.

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Somato-Limbic Integrative Processing™ (SLIP™)

  • designed to work with the non-ordinary state of consciousness to balance emotions and increase emotional resilience

  • ideal for cannabis assisted psychotherapy or ketamine assisted psychotherapy 

Clients report: 

  • Fewer triggers, more secure relationships, increased confidence, and an embodied sense of emotional wellness

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  • Feeling more secure, engaged, loving, creative, and often feelings of joy for the first time in years


  • They consistently say that SLIP™ with medical cannabis or ketamine works better than medication, talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, and "the sitter method", for PTSD, depression, anxiety, emotional triggers and stress

"The deep dive I was able to take through this work showed me how much toxic "junk" I was carrying around in my nervous system--and allowed me to clear it out.  Before this work I often experienced random anxiety and sadness...[Now] I'm better able to allow myself to feel everything, from pleasure and joy to real grief, without numbing myself to my own experience...I feel both lighter and better anchored, a sort of emotional agility I didn't know was possible."  (MC, France- depression)

Severe boundary violations and threats cause you to feel a high degree of emotional charge and intensity.  Memories of these expereinces are also highly charged and intense. When highly charged memories are triggered, the anger, fear, sadness, muscle tension, numbness and dissociation (feeling out of your body) linked to the memories are also automatically recalled and experienced again. Holding your breath, a pounding heart beat, a desire to run, nausea or a nervous stomach can be experienced as well. You cannot consciously stop or control these survival reflexes. They are designed to be life saving, and have enough intensity to override rational thinking.


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Most therapies are based on talking, rationalizing, and trying to control symptoms after a stressful event or threat.


Efectiveness for these interventions is limited, because, 1) they focus on restoring a feeling of calm or functionality after being triggered; and, 2) they don't affect the parts of the brain that are triggered by trauma--the emotional and sensory symptoms are not verbal or rational and cannot be processed by talking.

SLIP™ targets the parts of your brain that process and store memories, emotions, sensations, and survival responses. These are the non-verbal, and non-rational parts that are out of balance when people feel overy sad, fearful, angry, or numb.


These areas all have cannabis receptors and cannabis has a psychedelic effect during therapy that enhances your ability to work through complex emotional responses to traumas. Ketamine is used for it's unique effects. Both medicines are used virtually, within a 2 hour session framework.

Our goal is to help you become more resilient as you balance your nervous system.  With more balance, you have greater capacity to feel safe in relationships, and form healthy emotional connections.

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"Once SLIP session was like 10 sessions of EMDR. In fact, I was able to go deeper, with a greater sense of safety with SLIP." (HM, Utah- depression)

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SLIP™ is an emotional wellness tool that fuses powerful techniques to help discharge nervous system triggers, decrease dissociation, depression, and anxiety; while addressing early childhood developmental, attachment, and core wounds. It's impossible to even feel happy when your relationships are broken, and your self talk is consistently critical or negative.

SLIP™ can be used with legal psychoactive medications to enhance nervous system balancing.

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SLIP™ helps release the triggers that make your life miserable.

SLIP™ with or without legal psychoactive medications like cannabis and ketamine, helps resolve excess charge held in your nervous system caused by broken boundaries, and unsuccessful responses to threats. Over time the goal is to release triggers and achieve greater nervous system balance, confidence, compassion, and calm.


We are excited to offer this life changing technology which combines a natural psychoactive plant medicine (cannabis) or a prescription medicine (ketamine) with deep nervous system repair; something you cannot achieve with plant medicine, medication, or traditional therapy alone.

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95%  of our clients report improvement after their first session.

Office and online 
appointments are available.


"It felt like I got more accomplished in one treatment, than during 25 years of therapy."

-CB, Utah- PTSD, depression

"[This treatment] honestly has meant the world to me. You are 100% incredible Dr. Walker."

-OL, Utah- autism spectrum, depression, anxiety

Results are best after an initial series of 10 treatments.

Follow up treatments may be necessary.



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with cannanbis or ketamine.
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